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With “dim sum” literally 2/3 of my blog’s name, there should really be no surprise that I have a soft spot for dim sum.Part of my family’s heritage, dim sum is a tradition I grew up with in California. Something we’d enjoy together as a family for brunch on the weekends, dim sum has essentially become my comfort food since living in Beijing. An indulgence that I treat myself to far less often than I’d like, I’ve managed to surround myself with friends who love dim sum with the same levels of passion and exuberance.If you were a fly on the wall, you could fully expect to hear us critiquing every dim sum dish as each steamed basket was served, saying where one has had a juicier Cha Siu Bao, how this Cheung Fun compares to Lei Garden or where in Hong Kong you can find the best Egg Tarts. It’s a funny dynamic, because although there are pretty decent options for classic dim sum in Beijing ( Lei Garden , Heng Shan Hui and Dragon Court 粤菜王府 ) and the recently opened Furongji that serves playful dim sum with a twist, there will never be too many and I will forever be on the look-out for more dim sum options in the capital.And I’m excited to now share one of my go-to dim sum choices – Phoenix House 囍凤楼! I’ve been saving Phoenix House for a little while now as I think this dim sum house hits a sweet spot that reminds me so much of the Cantonese restaurants I knew growing up. In addition to serving up dim sum that is on point, they also offer Cantonese hot pot too!Located in Beijing’s CBD at the corner of Guanghualu and Dawanglu, Phoenix House is well worth a trip if you are craving Cantonese food.First thing to note is that the standards of interior decoration have improved markedly for Chinese restaurants. Phoenix House is actually quite cool inside and is constantly ram-packed so don’t expect to just turn up without a wait (especially on the weekends). There are gold phoenixes on the bright red walls and columns decorated with dragons, fresh tanks of exotic seafood line one wall by the staircase when you enter the main dining room and glass bottles of VitaSoy milk line the drinks bar. It has none of the hallmarks of a half-assed effort from a disinterested designer. A combo of nostalgic throwbacks with some slick modernities, Phoenix House truly stands out from the bland and forgettable to the tacky interior designs that other Cantonese restaurants showcase. LDS Snapshots of Phoenix House:

(RMB 298 for half chicken or RMB 498 for full chicken) It’s important to start with a range of dim sum as these come out pretty quickly and will help you pass the time while you impatiently wait for your massive pot of chicken soup to come to a boil. This is pretty much the order things came out in – our first batch of dim sum followed by all the Hot Pot dishes and then our second batch of dim sum and finishing with a few of our favorite dim sum desserts. LDS Snapshots of Dim Sum & Hot Pot Dishes:

Phoenix House’s Contact Details:

| Tags: , , , , , , Head Pastry Chef Jacob Justus , , , , , , , , , , , , , , | No Comments » Stey Wangfujing .Upon our arrival, we were first given a quick tour of Stey, which is a new startup that promises minimalistic and functional communal housing designed for young professionals. While I won’t go into too much detail, I did want to give a quick introduction to this concept as I found it really interesting and surprisingly well-executed.The interior of these spaces were very Scandinavian – clean, modern and well-designed with furniture that can move around and hidden closet spaces that can be converted into desk spaces, etc.  They offer two sized apartments – one studio and one slightly larger apartment with an incorporated living room space with a lounge area that can be separated from its bedroom. If you’re wondering, the bathrooms in both apartments are gorgeous. In addition to your personal bedroom and living space, Stey residences offer communal lounges, a large kitchen, laundry room, gym and 24/7 security and check-in. Stey is somewhere of a cross between a hotel, a student dorm, a community centre and a traditional block of flats. I guess a major perk is that they have a regular cleaning service and they’ll even help you to manage any Air BnB bookings for you if you’re traveling for a short or longer extended stay. This is an ideal set-up for individuals new to Beijing, keen to meet others and in a job where regular travel is necessary.

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Mio Italian Restaurant in the Four Seasons Hotel is being awarded recognition left and right with the recent honor of being listed as one of the Top Italian Restaurants 2019 by elite Italian restaurant guide Gambero Rosso .  And that makes Mio a pretty big deal.Before I get ahead of myself, I want to start this post by giving a bit of context to my initial impressions of Mio. Over the past few years, I have held some serious prejudices against Mio because the first time I went about 6 years ago now (see review here ), our entire group of friends left feeling incredibly disappointed thinking the food was very mediocre considering the price tag (RMB 2000 per person) and the fact that we were there for a charity dinner made the whole thing umpteen times worse.Since then Mio has seen a lot of changes – though they haven’t changed the glitzy, Gongti night club interior, they’ve replaced the chef more than once and over time, we started to hear a very different picture of the same restaurant, with Mio’s head chef Nello Turco winning multiple awards in both Beijing and from international publications.

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From its original branch opening in Central Park back in 2011, I have been a devout Obentos fan (aka Bento Pusher). Over the years, Obentos has been consistent in its delivery of healthy and delicious salads, satisfying bento meal sets, and fresh fruit smoothies and smoothie bowls.And as they’ve branched out with other locations at Liangmaqiao and now their newest branch of Lido, they’ve also continued to expand their menu offerings with their small plate, main plate and sides, which are much more sociable as the dishes are designed to be shared and provide more variety when dining with friends.Their newest branch in Lido just opened its doors last month and are currently still in soft-opening. Their new Lido branch is sleek and expansive with a fresh and natural design theme, which perfectly matches their menu offerings. Before their official opening at the end of February, they’ll be hosting a big BJ FOoDiEs Charity Dinner with a fabulous 12-dish feast of a menu. Read through to the bottom to learn how to sign up for the upcoming  BJ FOoDiEs Charity Dinner happening next  Sunday, February 24th !

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Rive Gauche in The PuXuan Hotel: A Promising Start! Posted: February 4th, 2019 | Author: | Filed under: Foodies & Dining Scene , Hot Tips | Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , 〔10月25日限定〕ポイント最大33倍 G FIT EQ 225/65R17 Lauffen/ラオフェン LK41 夏用 新品 17インチ 中級 ラジアル タイヤ ホイール 4本 セット DV VALENTINA 17×7.0J+48 5/114.3
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PuLi Hotel in Shanghai, you’ll already be excited about this opening. The PuXuan Hotel & Spa – the newly opened Beijing iteration – located across from Meishuguan 美术馆 National Art Museum in Wangfujing is a gorgeous, stand-out building and the interior design is exquisite. Still in soft opening, this hotel has their timing on point with the recent opening of the new subway stop “National Art Museum Station 中国美术馆站” on Line 8 right outside its entrance.While I’ll begin this post with a brief introduction about The PuXuan Hotel with a few snapshots of their gorgeous entrance and lobby (on the 4th floor), the bulk of this article will be dedicated to one of their restaurants housed within – their French restaurant named Rive Gauche ! LDS Snapshots of The PuXuan Hotel & Spa:

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BJ FOoDiEs Charity Dinner happening this Sunday, January 27th !

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